“Believer” by Imagine Dragons —- “Make the cut” Contest Entry

This is my entry for the Adobe Contest of “Make the Cut” in partnership with Imagine Dragons. Adobe company and Imagine Dragons, thank you so much for the opportunity. It was a really fun experience to edit this video.

Project Name

“Believer” by Imagine Dragons

Project Type

Music video

Project Requirement

Using Premiere Pro CC and provided footages to create your own music video of “Believer” by Imagine Dragons.

My role in this project


Timeframe of this project

March 25- April 3 (10 days, part-time)

What’s about this music video?

In this video, I presented a story about the faith inherited from generation to generation.

In this story, there are two guys: Dan (the singer) is the younger guy and Dolph is the older guy.

At the beginning of this story, Dan challenged Dolph’s authority, and two guys started fighting. There was a short memory, which flashed back to young Dan who had a goal to replace Dolph one day. By the end of the story, Dan won and Dolph lost, but Dolph was happy because Dan inherited Dolph’s faith, and stronger than Dolph.

The title “Believer” of this song was shown at the end of this video to emphasize what this story presented: the faith inherited from generation to generation.

What are the highlights of this project?

  • 167 professional footages
  • 22 title design sketches
  • 4 storyboards.

What is the process of this project?

Step 1: Learn about the materials well.

After I downloaded all required materials from Adobe website, I started to learn the materials. There are 167 professional footages. Most of them looked similar because they were shot from different angles for one action. I used flash cards to help me to learn well about the materials. After I watched the footage, I drew the key frame of this footage with a memo on the one side of a flash card. Then I wrote this footage’s file name with relative lyrics on the other side of the flash card. After I transferred all footages on flash cards, I piled the flash cards according to their footage folds.

Then I downloaded the lyrics of “Believer.” I marked the place where I believed this was the right place for next scene in this music video.


Step 2: Explored the ideas on storyboards.

Before I drew the storyboards, I needed to know the rough number of panels for this storyboard. I used the marks on the lyrics as a reference to set up the roughly 62 panels on the paper. With flash card help, I had drawn four storyboards to explore my ideas for this music video. The benefit of these storyboards is that they are easier and faster to arrange, organize. Also, the story can be modified and details can be the focus on if needed. Then I chose storyboard #2, which I believe is best explains the song’s meaning and the story I want to tell. I combined the other three storyboards and added them to storyboard #2 to enhance and optimize storyboard #2.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Step 3: Brainstorm the title design of this music video

Every evening, I sketched several title designs of this music video. Finally, I chose the best from these 22 sketches, built final title by Adobe Illustrator CC2015, and used it in the video.


Step 4: Built the music video.

According to the storyboard, I built this music video by Premiere Pro CC 2015. I used only the basic cut skills. I carefully chose the shots and combined them with the music seamlessly.


Step 5: Checked, modified, checked, modified until satisfied before submitted my work

Before I exported my video and submitted my work online, I checked, again and again, to make sure everything was fine. I also let my daughter Arella and my boyfriend Mark reviewed my final video and give me valuable feedback. Arella told me that there were two places that the mouth action did not match the lyrics. And Mark pointed out that one scene was blurry and did not help the overall look. I modified these places. I wish I could show my work to more friends, and receive more feedback. However, because copyright issues, I couldn’t share any video clip online in the contest. Therefore, I did my best to check my video before submitting it online. (I have right to host this video on my Youtube channel as my portfolio. )



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